How much does shipping cost?

5.00 USA/ 10.00 Canada/ 15.00 international (everywhere else) for the Traditional Kitty Bean. 10.50 USA/ 25.00 Canada/ 35.00 international (everywhere else) for the XL Kitty Bean

How do I order?

We suggest following our Facebook VIP page at www.facebook.com/groups/JellyBearsVIP/ for exact dates and times of restocks.

How much is a Jelly Bear?

Kitty Beans are 95.00 with short tails and 105.00 with long tails. Lamb, Piglet, Bunny, Cat, and Puppy Beans are 105.00. Wrap Scrap Kitty Beans can be anywhere from an additional 10.00 to 60.00 depending on the handwoven scrap material. Traditional Wrap Scrap Kitty Beans Start at 95.00-105.00. Jelly Drops are 95.00 for Short Tails and 105.00 for Long Tail. XL Kitty Beans start at 145.00. Hand-painted Jelly Bears are an additional 10.00. Prices may be subject to change as demand increases.

What is the size of the Jelly Bear?

Roughly 5x8 inches for the Traditional Kitty Bean. 6" x 7" is the size of a Traditional Jelly Drop. XL is 8" x 15". They are handmade and can vary slightly.

Can I change the address once purchased?

No. This is to prevent fraudulent purchases. We can not change the ship to address after your purchase.

How do I clean my Jelly Bear?

Place Jelly Bear inside a pillow case. Wash on gentle cycle in cold water. Air drying is ideal. Hand-washing in cold water is the best! Lay flat dry.

Why was my order cancelled and refunded?

We at Jelly Bears reserve the right to cancel orders from customers attempting to navigate the site in a suspicious manner or using technology to hide their identity/prevent other users from getting a fair chance at making a purchase (including but not limited to proxy servers, collocation facilities, or bots) In the event of auction cancellations, if an order is refunded the buyer will be ineligible for future purchases due to not following rules. We also have the right to cancel any order that our system flags as "medium" or "high" risk fraudulent. Also, if you have been banned from our VIP group, then your order will be cancelled.

Safety Alert! Choke Hazard

As the CPSC states, "this product is not intended for children 3 years and under." The tail, ear/ ears, bow, and/or tag may separate from this product. Choke Hazard Warning. Those parts present a risk of choking, aspiration, and/ or ingestion to children under 3 years of age. This product is not intended for children under 3 years of age to sleep with due to medical guidelines and choke hazard. Furthermore, this product is not intended for play with children under 3 years of age due to tail, ear/ ears, bow, and/ or tag separation. This product is intended for children 3 years of age and up. Also, please know some furs are hand-dyed and will be labeled as such. It is very difficult to use a natural dye on a synthetic fibers. All furs that are faux are mostly made of polyester or blend. Natural dyes are mostly used to dye natural fibers like, cotton, wool, and silk. The vibrate colors you see on all faux furs are mostly synthetic dye which are mass produced to hobby stores. I love working with natural dyes on natural fibers! If you purchase a Jelly Bear... The yarn I use is a natural fiber.

Would you like a wholesale price for your company?

Please email us at info@lovejellybears.com or reach out to us on our business Facebook Page. See you soon!

Rules for Reverse Auctions

All sales are final on website reverse auctions. Please read the listing in full before purchasing. It is your responsibility to read in full before purchasing. If requesting a cancelation, then you will be subject of removal to Jelly Bears VIP facebook and banned from ALL future purchases on our website.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC number 046073-11202 for Small Batch Manufacturer Registry.